Comics Have you ever come in to a comic shop only to find that the latest issue of your favorite series has sold out? While we're happy to order another copy for you (if the book is still available), you can avoid the headaches by using our pull list service.


A pull list is a list of comics, manga or trade paperbacks that you want us to set aside for you from the weekly shipments. Then, at least once per month, come by and pick up your books.


There is no cost to starting a pull list. Just place your order and pay for your comics when they come in. It's as simple as that!


Tell us what you want us to set aside for you. You can either:

  • Give us a list of titles or trades that you want to follow. We'll order each issue of those titles for you every month. OR,
  • Pre-order your comics individually, using either the monthly comic shop catalog, Previews, or use one of several web sites such as Comic Book Resources or Newsarama which list the offerings from the largest publishers on-line.

Either resource lists merchandise that will be available in comic shops in about two months. If you'd like to look at Previews, come in and browse our store copy, or purchase one to take with you.

Give us your list and we'll set aside your books when they come in. Orders are due by the second Saturday of the month. Use either the customer order form in the Previews catalog, the on-line order form, or give us your own list.

If you plan to drop a title, give us as much advance warning as you can. We order comics 2 months in advance of their delivery, and orders are sometimes difficult to adjust with less than 8 weeks notice.

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